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#Sharing #Memories

Last week Erin Burnett ran a short segment on her show Outfront regarding the social media explosion during President Obama’s inauguration. In this clip she made a compelling argument stating that people often get overwhelmed with taking pictures, tweeting, and sharing photos rather than enjoying the moment for themselves.

I can appreciate people wanting to share their memories, show others what they are doing, and broadcasting their lives. However, some things simply need to be enjoyed and remembered without the necessity to share, or at least not marginalized by such a necessity. Memories, especially significant ones such as a presidential inauguration, are momentous and historic events which ought to be cherished and remembered. Often times we forget this simple, yet profound, part of our lives. The act of recording and sharing an event has eclipsed the ability for an individual to enjoy the moment, appreciate it for what it is, and simply live in the moment and cherish it. In doing so people have become spectators of their own lives, an outside observer of the moment just as their friends and social media connections are. Watching an event, whatever it may be through the screen of your smartphone or camera, is not the same as seeing it with your own eyes, taking in the sounds, and enjoying the feel of the moment. Take a step back sometimes, or just keep your phones in your pocket, and enjoy life and memories for what they are.




100 Reasons to Be Hopeful

One of the best publications, in print and online, Foreign Policy has unveiled their list of the Top 100 Thinkers of 2012.

The past year has been filled with a number of issues both in the U.S,. and around the world, that have demanded leadership and vision. Whether it was the Arab Spring and revolutions, the Eurozone debt crisis, the U.S. election and the impending fiscal  stability of the U.S., or the emerging role of new nations, this year has shown the emergence of a number of diplomatic actors, leaders, activists, and visionaries who have helped to shape and change our world and will continue to do so. There are too many to name or highlight without leaving any out, so take your own look.  According to FP Read more…