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Spoils of Victory

Whether President Obama or Governor Romney win the election net week, one thing is pretty certain ( though no really wants to admit it), whoever wins will preside over an economic boom in the US. Fareed Zakaria makes a compelling argument in his latest article in the Washington Post. According to the most recent International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook;

when looking out over the next four years — the next presidential term — the IMF projects that the United States will be the strongest of the world’s rich economies. U.S. growth is forecast to average 3 percent, much stronger than that of Germany or France (1.2 percent) or even Canada (2.3 percent). Increasingly, the evidence suggests that the United States has come out of the financial crisis of 2008 in better shape than its peers — because of the actions of its government.

Despite Mitt Romney’s argument to the contrary, or that we could be doing “better” than  we are now, other leading economists have echoed the positive trends that are being illustrate by the economy. Read more…

The Abdication of Endeavor

I can not help not comment on the attention placed on the Space Shuttle Endevour’s so called “Victory Lap” last Friday around the state, and especially in Southern California. News commentators said it was a proud moment for our country and would inspire the next generation of young Americans to excel and “reach for the stars,” per se. This is nonsense. It was not a “Victory Lap,” it was a funeral procession.

Let me clarify, the Space Shuttle program still had a few years left as a viable method for the US to go into space, conduct research, go to the international space station, and do whatever it is we do in space. Instead, we shut it down, retired it. Half a century ago people were inspired by the Apollo missions and our adventures to the Moon, after that the Shuttle inspired people for decades (since 1981). Now what do we have? Nothing. What goal is the US striving to achieve? Nothing. What will inspire the next generation of young Americans to literally “reach for the heavens?” Nothing. Read more…