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Benghazi-Gate as Satire

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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There is nothing humorous about the unfortunate tragedy that occurred at our consulate in Benghazi on this past Septemebr, 11th. Clearly, there was some sort of institutional failure either from the intelligence community, or the State Department, or both. However, the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was turned into, and has continued to be, political theater for the Republicans. The fact that Jon Stewart can so easily turn this into a comedic skit illustrates what this entire episode is, political and theatrical satire. Read more…

Validation and Vindication: Hope and Change

President Obama’s re-election was more important and meaningful than his first. Let me explain.

When the president won his election against John McCain in 2008, it was heralded as a historic moment in America. The election of the first African American was seen as groundbreaking. Even if Hillary Clinton had been nominated instead, she still would have won and it would have been just as historic. But she did not: Barack Obama got nominated, he beat John McCain, and he became president.  But any Democrat would have; I am not taking anything away from the president, but after eight years of George Bush the country was looking for a change— a drastic change— and it elected a relatively young and inexperienced Senator as President of the United States. Read more…