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Debating the Debate (Part 3)

The BEST assessments and recap on last nights debate. Considering it was on foreign policy, The Economist covers all the issues well and gives great insight.

Foreign Ignorance

A great post by Foreign Policy on the 8 biggest misconceptions Americans have regarding our foreign policy. Here are a few;

41 percent of Americans believe China is the world’s leading economic power, according to a 2012 Pew poll (the correct answer is the United States, which 40 percent of respondents in the Pew poll selected)

73 percent of Americans could not identify communism as America’s main concern during the Cold War, according to Newsweek, which administered an official citizenship test in 2011 (admittedly, it’s not entirely clear what if any alternative answers — the Soviet Union? Nuclear weapons? — the magazine accepted Read more…

Celebrating Ignorance


Andrew Romano ,of Newsweek-The Daily Beast, highlights the level of ignorance of Americans in this sad article. Out of 1,000 people who took the citizenship test, 38% of people failed. Yes, 380 out of 1,000 US citizens no not have the basic knowledge to pass the citizenship test if they were applying. This is basic information, things that people need to know in order to be informed and engaged citizens in their county, their state, city, town and even in their own home.

To appreciate the risks involved, it’s important to understand where American ignorance comes from. In March 2009, the European Journal of Communication asked citizens of Britain, Denmark, Finland, and the U.S. to answer questions on international affairs. The Europeans clobbered us. Sixty-eight percent of Danes, 75 percent of Brits, and 76 percent of Finns could, for example, identify the Taliban, but only 58 percent of Americans managed to do the same—even though we’ve led the charge in Afghanistan. It was only the latest in a series of polls that have shown us lagging behind our First World peers. Read more…