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It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid


It’s demographics.

The Republicans would like to make every excuse possible to explain the drugging they received in last week’s election. The excuses have varied from ‘Mitt Romney was not a stellar candidate,’ to the president and his campaign painted the Republicans as out of touch (which they are), as well as every other possible excuse except the simple numbers of it. This was not an election of ideas, popularity, or the economy, as the Romney campaign would have had us believe. Or anything else. Plain and simple, it was demographics.

The Republicans have been governing over an ever increasingly shrinking coalition since the 1990’s and it finally took this election to make them realize it. Based on some delusional hypothesis from conservative pundits and analysts, the GOP thought it was going to win the presidency and perhaps re-take the senate. This is wishful thinking at best.  In this article by Chris Cillizza, of The Washington Post’s TheFix, he argues

The numbers paint a very clear picture: Republicans now face the same low electoral-college ceiling that Democrats confronted for much of the 1970s and 1980s — needing everything to go right to win the presidency, much less break the 300-electoral-vote barrier. Read more…

(Electoral) College Failure

I do not rely on YouTube videos for much information or unbiased opinons. However, this is a good clip on the role and background of the Electoral College, the method the we use to elect our president in the U.S. Take a few minutes and watch it. You do not have to agree or disagree with it, but it is simple and puts the whole electoral proscess into perspective.

In addition, here is a great clip from NPR on this years electoral map and what some states, more than others, are getting all the attention.