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Debating the Debate (Part 3)

The BEST assessments and recap on last nights debate. Considering it was on foreign policy, The Economist covers all the issues well and gives great insight.

Finally, a Two Person Debate

If you need a debate recap to tell you that President Obama beat Mitt Romney this past Tuesday you need to take a couple lessons in debating. Obama made strong points, looked in control and comfortable, whereas Governor Romney was aggressive, tried too many gotcha moments, and instead of enjoying his past performance and building on it reached too far. Read more…

Debating the Debate ( Part 2)

Tom Brokaw and David Gregory, the moderator of Meet The Press, join the Morning Joe panel to discuss the debate.

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Debating Solo

Last night’s debate between President Obama and Governor Romney exceeded the expectations of many pundits and political analysts. It was civil, substantive, and provided a sharp contrast between the two candidates who outlined their vision and future for the nation. President Obama made a case for government, while Governor Romney argued on behalf of the private sector. Both men defended their differing visions, and have finally given us a race with substance and not just talking points. But what truly stuck out was that Mitt Romney, perhaps the real Mitt Romney, showed up… And won, handily. It is hard for any objective viewer to make any other logical or factual conclusion. Read more…

Debating the Debate


Joe Scarborough and the team at Morning Joe break down the presidential debate from last night and give some good analysis.

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