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Former General, and Secretary of State, Colin Powell joined David Gregory on Meet the Press this past Sunday to discuss a wide array of pressing issues facing the country.

Powell, a lifelong Republican himself, gave his take on the current state of the Republican Party and criticized its trajectory as well as its stance on a wide array of current issues. He gave a strong and logical defense of Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be the next Secretary of Defense and spoke about the role of the U.S. military and the mission in Afghanistan. He also spoke about gun control and other pressing issues.

This is a great video to watch and some real logical perspective from a life long public servant, whether it be during his time in the military, in government, or now through his philanthropic activities, General Powell is a tue American Statesmen and represents the best in leadership that this nation has to offer.

One Tragedy Does Not Forgive Another

Today is a day of national reflection. As a nation we should mourn and remember the tragedy of 9/11 and the senseless death of thousands. However, as we mourn and reflect on such a tragedy that changed our country and our history irrevocably, we must also reflect on its repercussions.

One tragedy does not forgive another and since 9/11 we have lost approximately 6,750 American lives in Afghanistan and in Iraq. The initial invasion and routing of the Taliban did not lead to the approximate 2,100 lives lost there, but instead the subsequent occupation, neglect, nation building, and the surge have. In Iraq, a war of choice to liberate a nation, has led to approximately 4,500 deaths of American servicemen. In addition, hundreds of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi men, women and children have also lost their lives and become victims of our military endeavors and quagmires. Read more…