Finally, a Two Person Debate

If you need a debate recap to tell you that President Obama beat Mitt Romney this past Tuesday you need to take a couple lessons in debating. Obama made strong points, looked in control and comfortable, whereas Governor Romney was aggressive, tried too many gotcha moments, and instead of enjoying his past performance and building on it reached too far.

Governor Romney did however score points on the economy, which has been his strong point all along. Unfortunately, when he ventures into other subject, such as social issues which he has changed positions on frequently, or foreign policy which he is a relative novice to the president he stumbles. Obama won this past debate, not by much, but he did wake back up and make the next and final debate worth watching even more.

More than anything the President did what he needed to do, and that was not to attract undecided voters, but instead he re-energized his base which seemed to be devastated after his first debate no-show performance.

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