Benghazi-Gate as Satire

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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There is nothing humorous about the unfortunate tragedy that occurred at our consulate in Benghazi on this past Septemebr, 11th. Clearly, there was some sort of institutional failure either from the intelligence community, or the State Department, or both. However, the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was turned into, and has continued to be, political theater for the Republicans. The fact that Jon Stewart can so easily turn this into a comedic skit illustrates what this entire episode is, political and theatrical satire.Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have used this tragedy against the administration and especially UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Unfortunately for them, they are the least qualified people to be making such allegations due to their previous stances on the Iraq War as well as the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice to Secretary of State. This is hypocrisy run amok and another reason why people are becoming increasingly turned off by the Republican Party.

The administration has to explain where the breakdown occurred and ultimately they, and the State Department, are responsible. However, to lay the blame squarely on Ambassador Rice is unfair and malicious. She was simply regurgitating the talking points given to her by the administration. This does not disqualify her from being a potential nominee for Secretary of State. Not to mention, Senator John McCain should not be challenging the qualifications of an individual such as Susan Rice, who is UN Ambassador, has served on the National Security Council, was an Assistant Secretary of State, and a fellow at the Brookings Institution among many other prestigious posts. If anyone should NOT be questioning someone’s qualifications, it is Senator McCain. Does he not remember a certain Sarah Palin that he selected to be his vice-presidential nominee. Talk about not qualified. Susan Rice has a doctorate from Oxford, does Sarah Palin know where, or what, Oxford is?  Not to mention, both Senators McCain and Graham both were proponents of the Iraq War, which was based on false and faulty intelligence. Does that disqualify them from being senators? What is their litmus test? Besides absurdity, these two men are embarrassing themselves and their party.

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