Historical Political Perspective

Ahead of Tuesdays election some historial perspective is much needed. 60 Minutes this weekend had two fantastic segments. The first, about the total dysfunction of the U.S. Senate, really caught my attention and was going to be featured. However, after seeing the next segment, with American historian David McCullough, I thought it would be a much more meaningful and substantive video worth featuring.

We have been hearing about the doom and gloom dysfunction of the Senate, and Congress, for a while so there was nothing new and refreshing about the about that segment except a re-hashing of the usual issues facing the nation, which cannot, and will not, be addressed until after the election.

However, what was inspirational, and informative, of the McCullough video was the historial perspective that it shed on the history of the United States. This nation has gone through a lot, starting with its revolution and independence, followed by its political formation and growth which has continued to this day. The U.S. is a growing nation with a living history, and through we may be overwhelmed with the political season, negative campaings, broken promises, and a never ending cynicism, McCullough illustrates that this has always been a keen aspect of every American generation, especially during elections.

This presidential election has by most accounts a disappointment, primarily  due to the negativivity and lack of big-ideas and true leadership. However, as an optimist, whoever wins on election day, and whatever happens, the US has always, and will continue, to make it though tough times and come out better  than before. Some perspective and relative compairson to history, which we often neglect, is always a good inspiration.


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