Welcome to the site! Here you will find quality opinion and news on politics, international affairs, society and culture. This is not your average sensationalized entertainment and gossip that passes for news, but instead a go-to source for the what really matters, the real things going on in the U.S. and around the world that affect our lives and make us more informed individuals and citizens.

Take a look around the site. Check out books that are being read, sites that are visited for news and others for talk and opinion. JohnnieTalker is a place for information, debate, and discussion and a place for the Talker in all of us, so please feel free to be engaged and involved.



JohnnieTalker is the voice of an informed individual, not swayed by rhetoric and entertainment but led by fact, logic, and reason. A rebuttal by the informed and silent masses to the sensationalism that has sought to perverse the public sphere and make the individual a member of the lowest common denominator -the citizen,a viewer, a listener and another number in an endless battle for ratings and votes- that sacrifices truth and reason for entertainment and powers sake. A place for debate, discussion, information and above all else, disagreement.

JohnnieTalker is the voice of The Talker. The Talker is one who is not swayed by talking points, the extreme right or left, or the mindless assault on intellect and facts perpetrated by those who seeks to make ignorance a currency in our daily lives. The Talker does not represent the voice or opinion of one person, but instead highlights points, facts and truth, for or against an issue, or even both. JohnnieTalker is a place for dialogue, debate, and ideas, it is the counterculture of a generation whose greatest gift and currency is information. JohnnieTalker seeks to inform.








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