100 Reasons to Be Hopeful

One of the best publications, in print and online, Foreign Policy has unveiled their list of the Top 100 Thinkers of 2012.

The past year has been filled with a number of issues both in the U.S,. and around the world, that have demanded leadership and vision. Whether it was the Arab Spring and revolutions, the Eurozone debt crisis, the U.S. election and the impending fiscal  stability of the U.S., or the emerging role of new nations, this year has shown the emergence of a number of diplomatic actors, leaders, activists, and visionaries who have helped to shape and change our world and will continue to do so. There are too many to name or highlight without leaving any out, so take your own look.  According to FP

if there’s one theme to this year’s list, it’s all about the perils and possibilities of free speech in this globalized age.

In an age when ideas, good and bad, travel the world at hyperspeed, we are proud to celebrate the brave thinking of those at the cutting edge of this global debate over freedom of expression.

Everyone should be able to recognize at least 10 of the top 25 ( I am being generous) and if you can not, perhaps you should read up, and get inspired, because you have been living under a rock of ignorance for a year. Not knowing is not an excuse to not being involved or up to date on what is going on in your life, your community, your state, country, or society. Lucky for you, FP has put together two great lists of book that you can read which have been written by, or recommended by, their honorees. Grab a few, and start reading. While you are at it, keep up with their thoughts by following them on Twitter.

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